Did You Know?

Females are Vastly Underrepresented in STEM Education and Jobs.


24 percent

Women make up only 24%
of STEM workers.

STEM stat
Men are 2x more likely to get a STEM job
after graduating with a STEM degree.

Research shows that Greater Confidence in Girls
Leads to Greater Interest in STEM and vice versa.



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girls and STEM
girls and STEM
girls and STEM

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Student Testimonials:

“This made me realize the reason why I have avoided thinking about having a career in the science and engineering fields. Although I do well in all my class, I often feel like I would not be able to have a job in those fields because I’m not smart enough. I always thought that the only people who become scientists or engineers are the ones who are at the top of their class. With my mentor, I realized that I didn’t need to be the smartest student in my high school to become a scientist or an engineer. I was the one who was setting the standard so high for myself. As long as I am interested in the field, I can be successful in it, despite my grades or my comparison of my intelligence to the intelligence of others.”

— Ashley


“I have been interested in pursuing engineering for some years now but still have some doubts so when eGirl Power announced holding an Intel eMentor Session, I took the opportunity to attend. Marissa, a woman working at Intel, took the time to provide us information and answer our questions regarding the field of engineering. By sharing her experience of joining the field, I had a better understanding of how it would feel to be in this career choice. I'm so glad that I was able to attend this event because I was able to take away valuable information from it.”

— Yolanda


“This was great! It was really interesting to hear Marissa's story and how she came to be an engineer at Intel. She also showed us some statistics regarding the amount of women working in the STEM field vs. the amount of men, which were very eye-opening.”

— Maria